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“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down.”

- Jigar Gor -


Our Hatha classes at Ignite are designed as a powerful tool for self-transformation. This class will open the channels to the spine and align your skin, muscles and bones, creating energy to flow freely throughout the body. Our Hatha classes will be practiced in our warm (27'c), hot (37'c) and natural rooms.  Hatha will increase your strength, flexibility and change your life, but be prepared to sweat for it!

Vinyasa Flow

A flowing powerful Vinyasa class in either a Hot or Warm room will teach you to join your movement with your breath. This allows you to use your breath to move your body. The Asanas postures are great for beginners but challenging at times as they vary from teacher to teacher. Experienced students are taken onto more advanced and modified postures throughout the class, which offer an insight into the depths of these postures.


A powerful and deep-stretching combination of Vinyasa flow and Yin. This makes for a brilliant yoga class. The first section of the class is Vinyasa allowing movement to move your body. This is flowed by Yin which opens and releases the already warm muscles allowing you to get deeper into your practice!


Held in the studio’s warm room Yin is a slow, deep-stretching style class where postures are held for up to 5 minutes allowing safe, muscle release. This is a great way to release chronic tension and de-stress. Suitable for all ages and levels, Yin will relax and nourish you into each posture allowing tension, pain and stress to soften away, leaving you feeling bliss at the end of your class. This is a great addition to any week!


Ignite offers an energizing Power Yoga class that will leave you walking away with a skip in your step. This class is excellent for those looking to increase their strength training. This a great strengthening yoga class as the sequence has a faster paced rhythm which work wonders for overall toning! This class is practiced in a warm (27'c) and hot (37'c) room to give you the best results.